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  Located at 88 East Main Street, in lovely downtown Ramsey, New Jersey is an authorized Dealer for AT&T Wireless Services. They have been in the wireless business since 1999; but their cumulative wireless experience totals over 40 years. This type of experience can only benefit their customer base. Since day # 1, the owner and staff have tried to steer clear of the stereotypical wireless dealership mentality. It has been their goal to be more of a consultant; than a salesperson. They treat “word of mouth” or “referral” business as their driving force.


Mobile Nations is not only the home of iMore, which covers everything Apple, but Android Central where you can get your Google on, and CrackBerry for BlackBerry, but we have a site dedicated to Microsoft as well. That site was once-upon-a-time called WMExperts, and for the last while has been WPCentral, but today they’ve got an all new name to fit with their expanded focus: Windows Central. Yes, they’re still covering Windows on phones, but they’re also covering Windows on tablets,... (more...)


The Galaxy Mega 2 is designed for those who want to get the most out of their large-screen smartphone, featuring a 6-inch High Definition screen with a smaller overall “just-right” size and one-hand operation mode that puts most everything within easier reach. AT&T RSS Feeds  Read More →


The award recognizes individuals who have made exceptional contributions toward securing a more just society for disadvantaged people. Ramsey Patch  Read More →

iphone_1_6022_3659_thumb seems to have been added to a group of websites and services under attack in China. A new report indicates that users attempting to log in to from an insecure browser that trusts China’s Certification Authority are having their credentials captured. Users visiting through more secure browsers like Safari, Chrome, and Firefox will be presented with a warning when they navigate to the site. According to This is clearly a malicious attack on Apple in... (more...)

Best iPhone RPGs

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For those that keep losing their twenty-sided die and are tired of hauling around sourcebooks, we’ve put together our favorite role-playing games for iPhone. You’ll find plenty of action, strategy, puzzle, and gamebook elements throughout these RPGs, but the core fun of slaying bad guys, gathering loot, and levelling up are all here. Without further ado, these are the smartest, best-looking, and most immersive RPGs you’ll find for iPhone right now. Lone Wolf Lone Wolf is... (more...)


Participation in “All Wrapped Up” will help needy children and families, troubled youth, lonely seniors and disabled adults Ramsey Patch  Read More →

Introducing the new Don Melton podcast!

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Don Melton was formerly director of internet technologies at Apple, and responsible for WebKit and the Safari browser. He’s also co-host of the 80s movies episodes of Review and a frequent and insightful guest on the Debug. And now he’s doing his own, monthly show. The conceit is I call him up and he talks for an hour about whatever he’s working on and thinking about. In the first episode, that includes his second home, plans for HomeKit, True Justice Season 2, video transcoding,... (more...)


It’s another week, and we’ve gathered together the very best apps and games that have been released over the last seven days for iPhone and iPad. This go-around are quite a few video apps, but there’s a little something for writers, too. On the games side, we’ve got a healthy mix of arcade, strategy, sports, and shooters. Bust open the App Store, and get downloading our top ten new releases for iPhone and iPad. The Bot Squad The Bot Squad is a fun, cartoony game that... (more...)


Acceptable materials include aerosol cans, anti-freeze, batteries, disinfectants, fertilizer, fire extinguishers, flourescent lights & more. Ramsey Patch  Read More →


Looks like the out of court settlement between Bose and Apple-owned Beats over patent disputes wasn’t the final straw in the on-going battle between the two companies, as Apple has now removed Bose products from its online and retail stores. Models from other brands like Sennheiser, Bowers & Wilkins and Marshall are available for purchase, suggesting that the removal is a more targeted effort centering on Bose’s offerings. The two companies locked horns recently over an NFL... (more...)

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